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ReSound Introduces New Hearing Aid Devices for Omnia

ReSound has announced the expansion of their latest platform Omnia. There is a new rechargeable RIC, their smallest ever, BTEs and several custom hearing aids including two rechargeable In The Ear devices. It means that there is now a huge choice for people interested in that outstanding Omnia technology. Here is what you need to know.

Phonak introduces Paradise CROS and ActiveVent

Phonak has introduced a new CROS that will work with the Paradise platform. They have also introduced a new rather interesting receiver for the Paradise RIC platform. While a new receiver may seem a little pedestrian, their new ActiveVent is an intelligent vent receiver. Of course, as with any tech, it has some pros and cons.

ReSound announces the launch of new One hearing aids

ReSound is an exceptionally innovative hearing aid brand and they have introduced many firsts over the years. They just announced a new first, the first ever mainstream microphone and receiver in ear hearing aids. They are calling the new range the ReSound One and we should be seeing them in September. This is everything we know so far

There is a growing awareness of the effects of hearing loss in Ireland

The effects of hearing loss are serious and go far beyond just missing out on what people are saying. The understanding of those effects is beginning to increase in Ireland. Recently Leona contributed to an Irish Examiner article that spoke about hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids and why more people should be aware.

Meet the new Unitron Discover Range

The new Unitron Discover Made For Any Phone hearing aids have arrived, and they were worth the wait. The new range with versatile Bluetooth ability offers a direct connection to Android phones, iPhones, any phones. Let's talk about the Discover

Diabetes is increasingly linked to hearing loss

There are two main types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. It is estimated there is over 225,000 people living with diabetes in Ireland. 50% of whom are unaware they have diabetes. Diabetes is increasingly linked to hearing loss among other health problems, here is what you need to know

Want To Hear The TV better?

Want to hear the TV better? People complaining you have it too loud? Meet the AccuVoice AV200 Speaker with amazing in-built hearing aid technology, the ideal solution to help you hear the dialogue on your favourite TV shows

What sounds can be hard to hear with hearing loss?

Many people think that hearing loss is about volume of sound, in most cases it is not, it is in fact about the clarity of speech. This is caused by the inability to hear some sounds, let's look at why hearing loss causes you to think that everyone is mumbling

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2017, Treatments For Tinnitus

Tinnitus awareness week begins today, the 6th of February, we will be exhibiting the latest treatment app from GN Resound during the week. The sound therapy app combines sound therapy with a series of exercises to help distract your focus from the ringing in your head.

Focusing on the hearing aid user

Focusing on the Patient or the Patient centred approach is more than a buzz statement at Audi-Lab, it is the fundemental ethos of our business and really always has been. Let me explain a little further what the approach is and how we have always used it in Audi-Lab

International Hearing Aid Exhibition

The team recently attended the biggest hearing device conference in Europe. They got to see some of the latest hearing aids and the new hearing instruments that will be launched next year.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids, No More Fiddly Batteries

Imagine a life free of hearing aid batteries, no more fiddling with them, dropping them on the floor or running out of power at an unexpected time. Imagine the joy of never having to pay for hearing aid batteries again. Well Phonak may have an answer for you with their first ever rechargeable hearing aids, the Audeo B-R range.

Hypersound Clear

The HyperSound 500P is the fisrt of its kind personal surround sound system designed to help you hear better

Virto V 90 hearing aids from Phonak

The Virto V ITE hearing aid range from Phonak is an outstanding choice to treat hearing loss, discreet, yet powerful solutions that are custom made for your ear and custom tuned for your hearing loss.

Unitron Launches A New Stride Hearing Aid

Unitron have recently introduced a new Mini BTE hearing aid solution that we like a lot. It is small and discreet but exceptionally functional. It has onboard user controls, is powered by a 312 battery and it has a telecoil.

New Phonak Naida Venture Range Launched

Phonak have just launched the latest addition to their Naida range. We attended the Irish launch in Dublin and were exceptionally impressed at what seems to be an outstanding solution for people with severe or profound hearing loss.

Hear Hear, Audi-Lab Celebrates 10 Years in Hearing Aids

Patients and the Audi-lab team got together in the Grange Woodbine community Centre to mark the occasion. Leona expressed her delight that so many of their patients chose to come out and join them in their celebration, the good wishes and general positive attitude for the event was wonderful, “I was truly touched by the support and feedback we received”. It was also very evident that it’s the full team that makes Audi-lab a success.

Elite Hearing Healthcare Provider

David Kane and Jacob Johnston Medical Director,MD at the latest Lyric Hearing Aid event in London. The attendees at the event were told that they represent the “elite hearing care provider” making up only 44 centres out of over 2500 hearing healthcare practices in the UK and Ireland.

The Mind Your Hearing Campaign

On the 14th September 2015: A campaign to tackle acquired hearing loss in adults was launched by Minister for Health Leo Varadkar. The aim of the “Mind your Hearing” campaign is to raise awareness of acquired hearing loss and to encourage people to get their hearing tested earlier and, if necessary, to obtain hearing aids.

The Unitron North hearing aid platform

Unitron, a global innovator of technologically advanced hearing aids, announced the launch of North™, its newest ground-breaking sound processing platform that can distinguish between different types of conversation.

Why is there ringing in my ears? Tinnitus and relief

Ringing in your ears is a common complaint, everyone from time to time suffers a few moments of ringing in their ears. However, that is all it should be, a few moments and no more. Sometimes though ringing in your ears may last a longer period of time.

Choosing the right hearing aids for you in Dublin

The hearing aid test that we perform in Dublin is made up of many parts, while assessing your hearing loss correctly is critically important, it is actually the least important factor in selecting a hearing aid that is appropriate for you.

Financial assistance for hearing aids in Ireland

Grants to defray the cost of buying hearing aids are available from the Department of Social and Family Affairs. The department operates the Treatment Benefit Scheme, under which the grants for hearing aids are obtainable. Qualifying patients and their dependant spouses who have full PRSI cover can obtain a grant towards the cost of a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Aftercare | Donal MacNally, Dublin

As an Irish owned independent premium hearing healthcare Practice who believe in offering top quality service and aftercare to our Patients. We have become one of Ireland’s leading and most trusted hearing specialists. We are committed to providing our customers with a truly unique service.

Getting used to hearing aids| Donal MacNally Dublin

After a few weeks, newly-fitted hearing aid users say they could not imagine life without hearing aids. That feeling usually stems from the immediate improvement to their lifestyles and their increased enjoyment of it. Being able to engage with people and the sounds around you once again makes a significant difference in life and happiness.

Resound Launches The LiNX2

A little over a year ago, ReSound was leader of the pack with its release of the LiNX™, the first Made for iPhone hearing aid ever. Made for iPhone hearing aids are a relatively new concept within the hearing aid world and they did have some early issues that needed to be ironed out, the overwhelming majority of user reviews are positive.

Noise reduction in hearing aids, how it works

The most apparent effect of noise for people with hearing loss, is its impact on their ability to converse. It impacts their ability to communicate every time they try to have a conversation with somebody in a noisy place. On a daily basis we are confronted with desired and undesired noise.

So you have bought hearing aids, what comes next?

When first fitted with new digital hearing aids, there is a period of adjustment or rehabilitation that needs to be undertaken. This period can vary from person to person. During the initial period of wearing your devices, the sound you hear will be very different to what you have become accustomed to.

easily recognisable signs of hearing loss

Sudden profound deafness is easily recognisable, people will notice such a dramatic change in their ability to hear. The normal progression of hearing loss may not be noticed immediately. Hearing loss often comes on slowly, a person's terms of reference slowly changes and the way they hear becomes the norm.

Battery Performance of Modern Hearing Aids

It seems like quite a simple question, that should probably have a simple answer. However as you can probably guess, it actually isn’t. What the battery life is like in modern hearing aids depends on many different elements.

The different styles of hearing aids

There are many different types of hearing aid, however, the styles remain similar across manufacturers. Some manufacturers may use different names but the overall concept is the same. The different types have different levels of suitability for Patients.

The top six signs you should invest in hearing aids

We saw a great post from Widex recently about the signs that you should consider hearing aids. Widex is one of the hearing aid manufacturers that we use here at Audi-Lab. They have some really innovative features and hearing aids that we use for certain Patients with certain problems.

Tinnitus symptoms, five ways to help reduce them

Tinnitus has been defined as hearing sounds in your head that are not produced by any external source. Usually, but not always this perception is inaudible to others. There are very rare incidents of Tinnitus that are caused by sounds generated by the body that can actually be heard by others.

Microsuction Earwax Removal Service Available in Dublin

There are several issues associated with earwax removal by syringing of the ear canal. Syringing could and in many cases, did cause issues such as otitis media (middle ear infection), Otitis Externa (outer ear infection),perforation of the ear drum and trauma to the external auditory meatus (the ear canal).

Micro suction earwax removal now available in Dublin

As part of our commitment to further education that allows us to continually offer the best cutting edge service to our Patients, we have become qualified to perform micro suction services. we are the first private hearing healthcare Practice in Ireland to do so.