Invisible Hearing, Because it's Secret!

The smell of good food, the company of great friends, the conversation you just can't hear! Enjoying the moment is hard when you just can't keep up with the conversation.

Enjoying the moment is hard when you're missing the conversation. We understand the irritation when everyone is laughing around you, and you just can't catch the joke. But we can help you leave that frustration behind, in fact, we have guided hundreds of people just like you to invest in the enjoyment of life.

With new ever better solutions like the Eora hearing jewel, you can be confident that you will hear better and no-one needs to know you are wearing a hearing aid. 

No One Ever Needs to Know

The Eora devices look like high fashion earrings, simple, but beautiful, and available in a range of types to match your particular style. Better hearing for you, catch those jokes and immerse yourself in the conversation. Even better? No one need ever know your secret

Meet Your New Hearing Aid at our Eora Event

Meet the stylish new Eora hearing jewels at our Open event on the 29th of January. Book your appointment, and we can talk about your hearing needs and show you the solutions that may suit you best. 

Let us worry about effortless hearing for you, so you can just concentrate on enjoying the moments. Call us now on 01 832 4007 to book an appointment for the open day