Replacing Hearing Aid Batteries

Rayovac hearing aid batteriesWhen you first get hearing aids, it is difficult to remember everything.  Don't worry though, it will all become second nature over time. One crucial piece to a hearing aid is the battery that runs it. They will need replacing from time to time. How long between changes differs from aid to aid and person to person. So for all new users of hearing aids out there here is a step-by-step guide for replacing hearing aid batteries.

Step 1- The first thing you should do before replacing the batteries is to turn your hearing aid off before removing it from your ear. In most cases, simply opening the battery drawer turns off the hearing aid.

Step 2- When you go to open the battery compartment it is important to do so carefully and gently. The hearing aid is comprised of several small pieces and if you are not careful when opening up the compartment you run a risk of damaging pieces of the aid.

Step 3- Once the compartment is open you need to remove the battery. Typically a fingernail will be enough to remove the battery, however, most hearing aid manufacturers supply a magnetic stick to do so. 

Step 4- You now need to get the new battery, when you remove it from its package you need to be extremely careful as these batteries are small and can be easily lost. It is recommended that you remove it from its package over a table so if you drop it you can easily find it.

Step 5- When you go to insert the battery into its compartment you need to hold the tab that is on the battery. The purpose of this tab is to make it easy to insert the battery and also to activate the battery. Once the battery is in its compartment you can peel off the tab.

Step 6- Finally close the door to the battery compartment. Once you have successfully inserted the new battery turn the hearing aid on to ensure that everything sounds correct and that you have properly inserted the battery. If everything sounds good, you are done! .

Follow this step-by-step guide to replacing hearing aid batteries and you will be able to properly and effectively replace the batteries in your hearing aid.Have a look at the video from Widex below, of course your hearing aid might be different but it is always a similar process

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