GN Resound Linx 3D – Hearing Instruments that adapt to you and the environment around you!

Resound LiNX 3D Hearing Aids Now Available in Dublin

Outstanding Wireless Hearing Aids

The recently introduced Resound Linx 3D represents a quantum leap in wireless technology, ensuring you have maximum audibility in a variety of complex listening environments. Using “Surround Sound by Resound” the hearing aids communicate with each other , wirelessly , exchanging information and data about the sounds around you. The hearing aids act in unison and make sure the hearing system is being optimised for maximum performance.

Focus on the conversations

Most modern hearing systems have some element of wireless connectivity even if it is just to synchronise a change in program setting or volume. With Resound Binaural Directionality III technology you will be able to focus on the conversations you want without being cut off from your surroundings.

Superior sound, amazing quality

Resound superior sound means these hearing aids are the best at recognising voices. Using advanced technology, they allow these voices to be heard in complex background noise situations. The Resound Linx 3D can be up to 50% better at identifying speech in various environments – they can allow you to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around you – allowing you to understand 40% more speech in noise. Connectivity with your smart phone has also been enhanced with the new Smart 3D app allowing you to adjust volume, microphone directivity and noise management features at the swipe of the screen.

Coupled with best in class performance, the Linx 3D is also very discreet when worn. With both Custom and Receiver-In-Ear styles available, in a wide range of colours, you will find a Linx 3D instrument that is Unique to you. 

Resound LiNX 3D colours

The early feedback from users of the new LiNX 3D is outstanding. Even users of the previous generation of LiNX are surprised at how much better they are. Resound Linx 3D is available now in both our Raheny and Sutton Practices. If you would like a demonstration of this ground breaking new technology contact us to book your appointment.

Raheny Branch (01) 8511911 - Sutton Branch (01) 8324006