Phonak Marvel System Proves To Be Big Hit With Reviewer

We recently read an excellent review of the Phonak Roger system, combined with Phonak Marvel hearing aids. (1) The Marvel 2.0 update brings the possibility of direct connection from Roger Systems to Marvel hearing devices. This offers a full solution for people who have problems hearing in noise. The reviewer tried the Roger Pen with the Audeo Marvel 90 R-t hearing aids. He said " they are an astonishing combination. Truly, jaw-droppingly, beautiful. The combination of the Roger devices and the Marvel hearing aids deliver outstanding, almost unbelievable results in complex sound situations. They also reduce the effort that you put into hearing better. An effort that you don't actually realise you are making." The review excited us quite a lot, because we have found Roger systems to be outstanding. Let's take a look at Roger.

Marvel Audeo 90 R-T

The reviewer wore a set of Marvel 90 R-T devices during the test period. The R-T is the new Marvel rechargeable hearing aid that has a telecoil. He found that while the Roger devices added a little to the battery drain, he still got a full day use out of the aids. Phonak have said that turning the receivers into an integrated software loading systems uses far less power than the old receiver system. He said "The key here is that the Marvel R-T battery handled everything I threw at it including hours of phone streaming and Roger streaming."

Using the Roger Pen?

The Roger Pen has been around for quite a while, it is a lightweight wireless microphone device that you use in combination with your hearing aids. Up to recently, you used the Roger Pen with a corresponding Roger Receiver which connected to your aids. It was a little cumbersome in nature, and the ear level receivers added bulk to your hearing aids. There is a streaming receiver alternative, but you have to hang that around your neck. For most people, even knowing the possible benefits, it was a step too far.

With the Marvel, that Receiver is now just a software upgrade.  It adds no bulk, there is no intermediary streaming device around your neck, the Roger Pen just connects directly to your hearing aids.

The benefits

The Roger Pen, like other Roger devices offer you huge benefit in noisy or complex sound situations. The device helps you focus on the speech you want to hear in complex sound situation. It also allows you to stream audio from devices such as TV, radio, computers, phones, pretty much anything with an audio connection.

Rather than a Bluetooth connection, Phonak built the Roger devices on an FM radio system. They have become rather renowned for their outstanding FM systems in the education sector. The sound quality of the streamed audio is excellent and the Roger Pen has some brilliant sophisticated microphone technology built in as well.

The pen also offers an active noise suppression system and these technologies work hard to focus on the speech you want to hear, in background noise and reverberant sound environments.

How Good?

The reviewer had this to say about the Roger Pen "In my experiences with the Roger Pen, I was continuously pleased with the device. I have experienced remote microphones before, and I have been very impressed with them. The Roger beats them all; it does so with its amazingly clear audio transmission and immense versatility. There is no other remote microphone that you can use in the manner that the Roger Pen can. The Resound Multi-Mic comes close. However, you can't hold it and point it in the same way."

Using the Roger Pen

For streaming of audio from devices, the pen comes with a charging dock and an assortment of cables for audio connections that will allow you to hook up an assortment of audio devices to it. You can set up the charging dock near the audio source that you use most. This allows you to easily connect the audio out from the device to the charging dock. Simply place the Pen in the dock and turn it on, it will automatically stream the audio to your connected hearing aids.


The Roger Pen also comes with a leather holster which protects it from damage in your pocket. When you are in a sound situation that you are having problems hearing in, you take the Pen out and turn it on. You hold the Roger Pen in your hand and point the top of it at the person you would like to hear. The microphones work automatically to focus on that voice. You will hear the voice clearly in your hearing aids. When someone else begins to speak, simply point the Pen at them. You don't need to hold the Pen like you would an interview microphone. You simply hold it naturally changing the aspect of it as the conversation flows.

Ultra smart

The device is ultra smart, it understands how it is being held, or if it is on a table. It automatically changes what it is doing to give you the best opportunity to hear the speech that you want to hear. The Roger Pen can also be used in the more traditional manner of a remote microphone. For instance, your companion can wear it on them or hanging around their neck. It automatically focuses on that person to allow you hear what they are saying even if you are twenty feet away. The Pen is excellent and it helps you hear well in noise without having to concentrate.

The Roger system is an outstanding solution for people who want to hear well in every situation they find themselves in. If you are very active, if you are still working, or if you have a hectic social life, then the Roger system would be an outstanding solution for you.

While you can use the Roger Pen, and other Roger microphones with any hearing aid from any brand, the direct connection with the Phonak Marvel range makes everything so much easier. The Marvel Roger combination provides many benefits, including lower battery drain on your hearing aids. If you want to experience the Marvel and Roger at work, call us on 01 8324007 to book an appointment.

1. Phonak Marvel & Roger Pen, A Jaw-Dropping Experience