ReSound Announces Another First, Meet The ReSound One Platform

New Features, New Sound, New Microphone Placement

ReSound announced the introduction of a brand new hearing aid platform they are calling the ReSound One on August the 18th. While the full details have not been released, we do know it offers a new look, new features, new normalised sound and a breakthrough microphone placement.

Resound One with Samsung S 20

ReSound had this to say "Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. Yet, the most commonly worn hearing aids use a standardized approach modelled on an ‘average ear’, which can often compromise sound quality. ReSound ONE is a long-awaited breakthrough that gives everyone a solution individualized precisely to their own hearing anatomy."

The Hearing Aid Styles

So far, we can tell that the new platform will be initially introduced with three Receiver In Canal devices. They will be a rechargeable hearing aid using the same charger case system as the Quattro. There will also be a 312 traditional battery-powered aid and a size 13 traditional battery-powered aid.

The hearing aids appear to have a new case design, which while similar to their old cases appears to be more angular. The rechargeable device with the charger case system will probably prove hugely popular as did the Quattro. Hopefully, the outstanding battery life of the rechargeable will still be on offer. If so, it will be a rare event that you will ever run out of power. Having said that, it's nice to be able to go away for the weekend without worrying if you have your plug with you.

A Microphone in The Receiver

ReSound One M&RIE Receiver

ReSound have introduced a brand new Receiver In Ear with a microphone embedded. The microphone will work in conjunction with the typical dual microphones in the case of the aid that goes at the back of your ear. It offers a lot of benefits including more natural sound cues that we would expect to pick up there.

The outer ear or Pinna, helps us to localise sound naturally. Localisation is exceptionally important to work out where the sound comes from. This allows us to hear well in noise. While every hearing aid brand tries to ensure that sound is provided to you using a mathematical calculation that re-produces the effect of the Pinna.

Placing a microphone in the receiver which is in your ear means that you should get those sound cues naturally. However, doing that is technically challenging, in particular, if you use an open fit. Having the microphone so close to the receiver is likely to cause feedback.

ReSound has introduced a brand new feedback management system which they say that combined with the newly designed receivers allows them to place the microphone in the receiver without worrying about the feedback problem. That means more normalised sound experience, that should provide even better performance in noisy situations.

New Directionality Modes

ReSound has also introduced two new directionality modes, All Access Directionality and a user-activated Ultra
Focus setting. ReSound says "These enhanced operating modes significantly improve speech recognition while
preserving spatial perception in complex sound and noise situations.

Made For iPhone, Made For Android

The ReSound ONE platform will offer connectivity options to both iOS and AndroidTM smartphones
for streaming and hearing aid control. We expect to find out more about these new hearing aids at a virtual global event in September. It looks like a really interesting platform with some really interesting features and we have had huge success with ReSound hearing aids in the past.

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