An Easy Way To Choose Hearing Aids

You have made your decision to choose Audi-Lab based on our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our highly trained, experienced and professional staff and our absolute commitment to long-term aftercare. We also want to make your choice of hearing solution easy and based on more than just our recommendations alone.

Unique Needs

We know that everyone is individual, with different, individual and unique hearing requirements. Each day we are exposed to different listening environments while we live our life. That means that your lifestyle needs are individual to you.

Make Your Investment With Confidence

We also understand that you are about to make an investment in your hearing, and sometimes the technical features and technology levels can be confusing. Making the right choice with total confidence can be difficult, but we have a solution that can help you do just that.

Diagnostic Hearing Aids

Using a unique diagnostic hearing aid solution from Unitron allows us to get a complete picture of your lifestyle needs. The Flex-Trial system allows you to wear the latest high-tech hearing aids in your real-life listening environments. The sound environments you face and the performance of the hearing aid are logged while you wear them.

Real Life Experiences, Confident Choices

Your day to day real-life experiences can then be used to make the best recommendations. When you come back in after the trial, we can discuss the results and use your personal insights to create the best hearing solution for the way you want to live and enjoy your life.

Base Your Decision on Real-Life Data

The benefit of the Flex-Trial is that you get the opportunity to experience and enjoy improved hearing before you purchase the hearing system. Flex-Trial also gives us a much clearer understanding of your personal requirements so a program of improved hearing care can be built around you and your specific needs.

It means that you can make your decision on your real-life data. Call us on 01 832 4007 to find out more today.