In order to deliver the best possible experience to you with your hearing aids, we customise them for your hearing loss and the effects that it has on your speech understanding. But exactly what does it mean? 

Customising Your Hearing Aids

David Kane, AudiologistThe first step to ensure that your hearing aids are customised to you is in fact the hearing tests that we undertake. They are designed to give us a host of information about your hearing loss and the effect that it has on your ability to understand speech. In particular the tests inform us exactly what sounds in speech you have problems with hearing. 

This information allows us to set the hearing aids to amplify sound to make up for what you are missing. We do it with a computer programme that is provided by the manufacturer of the hearing aids we are fitting. This fitting software allows us a great deal of power over how the hearing aid sounds and how it works for you in different situations. It allows us to change the parameters of the hearing aids to better work for you. 

The Settings Of Your Hearing Aid

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The settings we can change are varied by the hearing aids we are fitting. The more high technology the hearing aid is, the more parameters that we can change. The settings include the ability to set the amplification in each frequency of sound. This is important in order that the hearing aids sound right for you. It is also important so that we can put emphasis on the sounds that you have problems hearing in speech.

the software also allows us to change the features that allow you to hear better in different situations such as the microphone settings and the noise reduction settings. This allows us to tailor those features better to you and your hearing loss. It also allows us to change them during any aftercare sessions to better reflect your needs as you gain more experience with the aids. 

The Extra Tests

We undertake a host of tests with your hearing aids in place, these tests let us know exactly what is going on and how the hearing aids are working in real time. This allows us to make better changes to the settings of your hearing aids with solid information. These tests in combination with the power of the fitting software allow us to customise the hearing aids to deliver the maximum benefits for you.

The More Settings, The Better The Customisation

The more settings that we can affect in the fitting software, the better the customisation of the hearing aids for your loss. The better the customisation, the better the experience for you in the long term. If you have any questions about hearing aids or hearing loss, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01 832 4007, we are always happy to help. 



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