The Hearing Aid is Only The Beginning

Hearing aids are just the start of your journey to better hearing, the best digital hearing aid in the world won't help unless it is fitted correctly. We understand this clearly and it has shaped our thinking on many facets of our Practice. From the equipment we use, through our testing and fitting processes to the Patient Journey we offer. This is why we have invested so heavily in state of the art equipment in order that we can deliver a premium experience with the best hearing aids available to deliver results

We use the Aurical fitting system from our equipment partners GN Otometrics. The Aurical has set the industry standard for hearing testing, and hearing aid fitting equipment. The system interfaces seamlessly with our office systems. The Aurical handles virtually every audiological function necessary in a modern hearing Practice. Our Aurical has been enhanced by advanced multimedia dispensing solutions, Visible Speech Mapping and Virtual Reality simulations supports our hearing aid fitting and fine tuning process.