Getting used to wearing hearing aids

After a few weeks, newly-fitted hearing aid users say they could not imagine life without hearing aids. That feeling usually stems from the immediate improvement to their lifestyles and their increased enjoyment of it. Being able to engage with people and the sounds around you once again makes a significant difference in life and happiness. For some the input of hearing aids takes some getting used to, suddenly being able to hear what people are saying in a crowded restaurant or from across the room can be a shock.

Strategies That Can Help

Some people like to introduce themselves slowly to their hearing aids. Wearing the hearing aids for a few hours a day at home first. Over the first week, they wear them for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually over a two week period working up to wearing them all of the time. 

Wearing Hearing Aids In Noisy Situation

Wearing hearing aids in a noisy situation for the first time can be a shock. Suddenly you are immersed in sound that may have been dulled by your hearing loss. It can overload your senses at the beginning, however, you will soon get used to it and will notice how much easier it is for you to hear the people you are talking to. Stick with it and it gets better. 

Keep Your Hearing Aids in Tip Top Shape

Keeping hearing aids in top condition and at peak performance is really important - but don't panic, it is relatively easy. Our audiologists at Audi-Lab are always available if you need help. We pay particular attention to Patient aftercare, it is important  to us that you are getting on well in the early stages. Here is a simple checklist for your peace of mind:

  • Simple maintenance involves little more than external cleaning of the aids themselves. Change your wax guards, check your domes.
  • Wax guards and domes do need to be renewed regularly but not as regularly as the batteries. We will always show you how.
  • Keep at least two weeks supply of batteries. Each battery cell lasts about 7 days (this does vary though across different models). Each cell costs about 25 cents. 
  • We offer and honour a manufacturer's warranty, but we do recommend you see us at least once a year to check and service your hearing aids
  • Our aftercare is free for as long as you keep the hearing aids
  • It does help if you have the details of your hearing aids readily to hand to ensure you order the right size batteries, guards and domes. That really is all you need to know.

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