In Depth Hearing Tests Are Important For Hearing Aid Benefit

The benefits delivered by a hearing aid are based on the customisation and fitting of that hearing aid to your hearing loss. In order to deliver the full benefits to you, we need to undertake a full work up of your auditory ability. Audiometery is not enough to really understand what is going on with your hearing loss.

The Typical Hearing Test

The typical hearing test involves the Patient responding to a series of sounds presented to them through headphones and a bone conductor. This is simply not enough information to really understand your hearing needs. Two people may have exactly the same results according to audiometery but they may have radically different speech discrimination. Speech discrimination plays a huge part in your ability to hear and understand.

The Hearing Test at Audi-Lab in Dublin

For this reason and in accordance with best international practice we offer a comprehensive hearing test at our centre in Dublin. The procedure involves the following tests;

Pure tone testing (Audiometry)
Speech testing (Audiometry)
Acoustic Reflex Threshold testing
Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) testing

Speech Testing is Important

Speech testing allows us to assess the impact that your hearing loss is having on your understanding of speech sounds.  The test results allow us to understand exactly how your loss is effecting your understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy situations. The results let us understand what your needs will be and the best type of hearing aid technology for you. The results assist us in the recommendation of suitable hearing aids because it allows us to define the sounds in speech that you have most difficulty with in noise.

With Such An Important & Expensive Investment As Hearing Aids, Isn't It Important To Ensure That They Deliver Real Benefit?

Benefit For You

These testing procedures allow us to fully assess your auditory system and confidently deliver a diagnosis and a recommendation that wil deliver real benefit to you. Hearing aids are an expensive investment, an investment that should only be made for devices that will deliver real benefit for you. That is why we deliver a comprehensive and in-depth hearing test at Audi-Lab, Dublin.