Hearing Aids, The Signs That You Should Consider Them

Top 6 signs you should consider a hearing aidWe saw a great post from Widex recently about the signs that you should consider hearing aids. Widex is one of the hearing aid manufacturers that we use here at Audi-Lab. They have some really innovative features and hearing aids that we use for certain Patients with certain problems. 

The post was about some of the common signs that somebody has a hearing loss. It struck a chord with us because they are the things that we hear complained about everyday from the new Patients we see. You can read the post below.

This article first appeared on the Widex blog

It isn’t a secret that people often delay getting their hearing tested, so you’re not alone if you are ignoring that little voice in your head that says you may not be hearing correctly. You probably know the signs of hearing loss, but you might not realize how it is affecting you and your family’s life.

Here are some situations where hearing aids might help:

6 signs you should invest in hearing aids

Hearing the television

You can’t hear the television – Difficulty hearing the television is a common complaint among people with hearing loss. Often, this is solved by turning up the volume very high, much to the annoyance of other family members. Hearing aids paired with assistive listening devices like T-DEX help you enjoy your favorite shows and movies without the volume being so loud that it wakes the neighbors.

The wife lets you know

Your spouse tells you that you aren’t hearing correctly – Hearing loss can affect relationships as communications becomes increasingly more difficult. An article by the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association states that, “As audiologists, we are not surprised to hear that the spouse or significant other has been frustrated by the hearing loss long before the individual with the hearing loss even acknowledges it.” If your spouse often tells you that you’re speaking too loudly, it’s time to see a hearing professional.

Can't hear your grandchildren

You can’t hear your grandchildren – Young children’s voices are especially difficult to hear given their high pitches and odd pronunciations. Luckily, the signal processing strategy of hearing aids focuses on making speech audible in all situations

Can't hear conversation in noise

You have trouble following conversation in a crowded restaurant – Noisy restaurants make for difficult listening environments for people with average hearing levels. Communication can be impossible for people with hearing loss. Luckily hearing aids are equipped with directional microphones, speech enhancers, and feedback cancellation to help in these types of situations.

Asking people to repeat themselves

You often ask people to repeat themselves – “What did you say?” “Huh?” “Come again?” Sound familiar? They’re common expressions for people with undiagnosed hearing loss. Modern hearing aids are made to focus on speech, so you won’t feel like you are always missing out on the conversation.

Putting off a hearing test

You keep putting off that visit to the hearing professional – Statistics show that only 20 percent of those who might benefit from a hearing aid actually buy one. So you are not alone in making empty promised to your family about getting a hearing evaluation. Luckily, your first hearing examination will be quick and painless.