Celebrating 10 Years Supplying Hearing Aids in Dublin

Patients and the Audi-lab team got together in the Grange Woodbine community Centre to mark the occasion. Leona expressed her delight that so many of their patients chose to come out and join them in their celebration, the good wishes and general positive attitude for the event was wonderful, “I was truly touched by the support and feedback we received”. It was also very evident that it’s the full team that makes Audi-lab a success.

Back in 2005, husband and wife team, Dave and Leona Kane, set up their own hearing aid clinic at the Hilltop Shopping Centre in Raheny to help the hundreds of local people overcome and manage their hearing problems. Leona has over twenty years’ experience as a diagnostic audiologist and worked in Beaumont Hospital, the Blackrock Clinic and StVincent’s hospital. Dave and Leona are part of an elite group of audiologists who have, not only trained in hearing aid audiology, but have also completed a university degrees.They believe this qualification, matched with experience, is vital when dealing with a person’s hearing.

“Understanding how hearing loss affects the individual is vital for the success of Audi-Lab in Raheny. We want to help people overcome hearing problems so we invest in time listening to our clients, establishing exactly how their hearing loss is impacting their lives in order to find the most suitable solution.

This approach has stood to us. The local community continue to refer their friends and family to us, and we have forged strong relationships with local GP’s and medical professionals. Our team maintain that personal service coupled with unbelievable technology can effectively help our clients manage the hearing loss,’’ Leona said. This personal service has stood the test of time for Audi-Lab, particularly as the last decade has experienced a very difficult economic downturn and witnessed the influx of UK hearing aid retail companies in Ireland.

Sean Walsh, a loyal customer^ said that he chose Audi-lab because they provided professional attention and showed concern about his problem and they worked hard to help him restore his hearing,

“I return again and again, as often as I can, and they adjust the hearing aids accordingly, I couldn’t praise them enough. That’s the benefit of dealing with a small local business.”

Bernie Williams, said,

“I look forward to going up to Audi-Lab as they’re very professional and so friendly.”

This view is also shared by Mary Byrne,

“Every time I visit Audi-Lab, there is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the practice.”

Hearing Aids & Hearing Care For Ten Years In Raheny, Dublin

As the business has grown, the Audi-Lab team in Raheny is joined by the accomplished audiologist, Gerard Sweeney. Since qualifying as an audiologist, he is fascinated with the research findings highlighting that the average time it takes someone to act on hearing loss is up to 7 years.

“Clients have regularly bemoaned the fact that they have unnecessarily spent years living a life of frustration as they can’t hear the radio and feel isolated when they are with company in pubs or restaurants. People don’t need to ‘suffer in silence’.Today’s assessment and hearing management process is so advanced, thanks to modern technology.

Audi-Lab Ten year celebrationIndeed family and friends living with a person with hearing problems also suffer as they struggle to communicate with them. Our advice is to call into an audiologist. Once the problem is identified, then we can help you overcome your hearing loss,’’ he said. One in seven people have a hearing problems in Ireland. This represents almost as many people with hearing problems as those with sight problems. Twenty years ago the majority of people requiring help with their hearing were over 50 years of age. However more young people are now presenting with hearing problems. As they recognise that hearing aids are practically invisible and a hearing loss is not!!!

Leona said that she and her family have been helping people with their hearing for ten years in Raheny and every day she still welcomes the satisfaction of watching clients leave her clinic enjoying the sounds that they have been missing out on for years.

“Having a discrete hearing aid beats living in isolation with the volume of the TV turned up to the maximum, annoying yourself and your family members. We thank the local community for their support over the year and we hope to continue to help the local community in Raheny for many more decades,”

As part of their 10 year anniversary Audi- Lab are holding a hearing awareness campaign, if you or a loved one would like to avail of a free comprehensive hearing assessment please feel free to contact them to make an appointment (01) 8511911