The Latest Ear Scanning Technology


We now use the latest 3D ear scanning technology to take digital scans of our customers ears. It means that a simple and quick scan forms a perfect 3D image of your ear canal.

No more need for impressions, no more need for waiting for material to set. It also offers us a far deeper impression of your ear canal than would be safe with traditional impression techniques.

Easier for you, and always the very best fit

Natus Otoscan

Hearing Tests

Hearing CareWe provide comprehensive hearing tests and hearing healthcare assessments for adults and children in our Dublin hearing aid centres.           

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Earwax Removal

Earwax RemovalWe undertake safe  and comfortable ear wax removal via microsuction and irrigation in both of our Dublin hearing aid centres. Safe, quick and fast.

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Hearing Aids

Tinnitus ManagementWe offer a full range of hearing aids from all the top manufacturers including the invisible Lyric hearing aid. We provide all types including, rechargeables, Bluetooth and invisible.

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Tinnitus Care

Tinnitus managementWe understand that tinnitus can be a difficult thing to deal with. Whilst there is currently no cure for tinnitus, it can be treated successfully. We provide tinnitus management

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The Audi-Lab Team, Irish, Family Owned, Fully Qualified & Independent

Audi-Lab is an Irish owned, Independent & family run hearing healthcare company that has been providing quality hearing aids and hearing care since 1997. The Practice is owned and run by Leona & David Kane, who are both qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists. They are exceptionally proud of their Independence because it gives them and their team complete freedom over the advice and hearing aids that they provide

Audi-Lab Hearing Practice in Sutton

Audi-Lab has been associated with fully qualified Audiologists providing a specialist hearing service for our clients for many years. Audi-Lab Hearing Practice in Sutton is our Consultant Approved Centre which specialises in the Lyric Hearing Aid, Diagnostic Testing & Tinnitus Assessment. 

Audi Lab Raheny

Audi-Lab Raheny first achieved its centre of excellence award in 2009 and was the first in Ireland to receive this status. It has retained this award every year since. We were also chosen by Unitron to introduce Soundnav which is still exclusively available in our Raheny branch. 

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The latest hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers

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Three Reasons Why You Should Come To Us

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

We have invested heavily in state of the art equipment for our audiology suite. Equipment that allows us to offer an experience that you will get nowhere else. We undertake comprehensive diagnostic testing of your hearing in our audiological suite. We use internationally recognised best practice processes to ascertain exactly what is going on and what is the best option for you.

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The Perfect Fitting

If we establish that hearing aids are the best option, we fit those hearing aids to your individual hearing loss and verify their efficacy with our state of the art fitting suite. This ensures that the hearing aids are working as they should be and that they are meeting the targets that are suitable for your loss. In this way you can be assured that the hearing aid is delivering exactly what you need.

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Our ongoing Patient Journey means that we shall see you on a regular basis to deliver after care and rehabilitation. We can also give you the option of the LACE programme of rehabilitation. Using our state of the art equipment we can ascertain how your hearing aids are performing in real life situations. You have problems in a cafe, our system can put you there so we know exactly what is going on.

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The latest from our blog

ReSound Introduces New Hearing Aid Devices for Omnia

ReSound has announced the expansion of their latest platform Omnia. There is a new rechargeable RIC, their smallest ever, BTEs and several custom hearing aids including two rechargeable In The Ear devices. It means that there is now a huge choice for people interested in that outstanding Omnia technology. Here is what you need to know.

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ReSound Announces Hands-Free Calls for One Hearing Aids

ReSound has just announced the introduction of the feature for their ReSound One hearing aids connected to iPhones and iPads. It provides One users with a whole new level of convenience, but you will have to wait until Fenruary 2021

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Phonak introduces Paradise CROS and ActiveVent

Phonak has introduced a new CROS that will work with the Paradise platform. They have also introduced a new rather interesting receiver for the Paradise RIC platform. While a new receiver may seem a little pedestrian, their new ActiveVent is an intelligent vent receiver. Of course, as with any tech, it has some pros and cons.

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ReSound announces the launch of new One hearing aids

ReSound is an exceptionally innovative hearing aid brand and they have introduced many firsts over the years. They just announced a new first, the first ever mainstream microphone and receiver in ear hearing aids. They are calling the new range the ReSound One and we should be seeing them in September. This is everything we know so far

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