Meet The New Unitron Discover Hearing Aid Range

Unitron has now launched the new Discover range of hearing aids and we are really impressed. The range consists of two discreet and stylish Receiver In Canal hearing aids, one of which is a lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aid. The Moxi Fit is powered by a 312 zinc air traditional hearing aid battery and is the smaller of the two devices. The Moxi Jump R is the brand new rechargeable hearing aid and it is slightly larger. 

Versatility For Hearing Losses

The devices can use one of four different receivers which offer different power levels. This makes the devices hugely versatile and the can meet the needs of most hearing losses right up to severe to profound.

Hands-Free Phone Calls

Imagine being able to answer your mobile phone with a simple touch of your hearing aid. Then being able to have a conversation with your caller completely hands-free? Well imagine no more, because the Discover provides the ability to do just that. More than that, it offers stereo streaming of audio, so you hear your caller in both ears for maximum benefit.

A Diagnostic Device

The new Discover system also offers the FlexTrial system which is designed to help both us and you to understand your daily needs. It's simple, it works like this:

  1. After we have tested your hearing ability you wear the devices
  2. You come back to see us and we use the system to understand your lifestyle needs
  3. We show you the situations you have been in and the features and technology that will help
  4. You make an informed and educated decision based on your own real-world information and experience

This is a device that allows both you and us to understand the lifestyle needs you have and the features that are ideal for you

That's why we are really excited, the new Discover will allow us to base all of our recommendations on real-world information. That means that for the first time, you can base your decisions on real-world, real-life experience.

Call us now on 832 4007 or 851 1911 to book an appointment to discuss the new Discover range and how you can undertake a real world analysis of your needs.