Meet The Audeo B-Direct, Made For Any Phone

A Review of The New Audeo B-Direct From Phonak

Phonak have now completed the launch of the new and very interesting Audeo B-Direct. It is the first ever Made For Any Phone hearing aid. That means that the hearing aids will connect directly to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone without using an intermediary streamer. 

This is the first ever Made For Any Phone hearing aid, but what does that mean? The hearing aids will connect directly to iPhones, they will connect directly to Android Phones and they will connect directly to pretty much any phone that has a Bluetooth connection. 

Freedom From Your Phone

The hearing aids act as a wireless headset, allowing you to both answer and refuse phone calls with a touch of the button on the hearing aids. They also act to stream the call directly to your ear and to stream your voice back to the caller. They give you complete freedom from your phone, you don't need to touch it. In fact, it can be up to thirty feet away and you can still take a call and speak to the caller without ever needing to look for it. 

One Ear Only

The audio from the call is only streamed to one ear, however, the opposite hearing aid is immediately muted to give you the best opportunity to understand the caller. 

Environmental Balance

Phonak also have a feature called Environmental Balance which will allow a user to increase the streamed audio volume over and above their surroundings. They say that it can give up to a 30dB advantage in signal to noise improvement.

Phonak TV Connector

Amazing TV Sound

They have also introduced a device they call the TV Connector. It is easily set up and it will stream audio from your TV or any other connected sound source directly to your hearing aids. The sound quality is really impressive and the audio is streamed to both ears. That means that listening to audio at home either while watching the TV or just listening to music is easy.

Three Levels of Technology

The devices are a size 13 battery powered Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aid that will be available in Phonak's top three levels of technology, that's the B90, the B70 and the B50. They also use the new and updated Autosense OS which brings the tweaks that have ensured the Belong range is superior to the Venture range. The devices will handle three levels of power, the standard receiver, the power receiver and the ultra power receiver which will cover hearing losses from mild to severe. 

Great Hearing Aids, Amazing Phone Capability

These are pretty good hearing aids that offer an outstanding and unique mobile phone capability. There is no other hearing aid on the market that offers this type of connection to mobile phones or the complete hands free capability. If the easy use of your mobile phone is important to you and you like the idea of the freedom that this solution offers, well then these hearing aids are for you.