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You may have seen the Lyric Hearing Aid advert on the TV, or heard it on the radio, hard to believe, but it is true, You can trial the Lyric Hearing Aid Risk Free in Dublin! That is truly risk free with no obligation, so why don't you book your free consultation now?

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The Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid



In conjunction with Phonak, we are offering a Risk Free Trial of the truly invisible Lyric hearing aid in Dublin. No deposit and absolutely no obligation to continue





The hearing aid we want you to forget

The invisible Lyric hearing aidChoose Lyric and all sorts of welcome memories will soon return. Actually waking up to the sound of birdsong. Stepping beneath a shower without a second thought. Yes, even in the shower! Feeling comfortable about being in a noisy, crowded room.


100% invisible - 24/7 wearable

It’s the first hearing aid that’s truly 100% invisible, it is also designed to be wearable 24/7. It’s impossible to see from any angle, so it’s completely discreet. Plus you can exercise and shower with it in, no hassle, no fuss! Typical hearing aids can cause problems where they knock on phones or need adjusting – that doesn’t happen with Lyric. There’s no fiddly battery changing as it lasts for months at a time.

Why don't you book your free consultation to find out more about how Lyric might change your life.

Better Hearing 24 Hours a Day

The lyric hearing aid, even in bedDesigned to be worn 24 hours a day, yes, even in bed! Lyric is equipped with a unique battery that lasts for months on end. Many users tell us they actually forget they have it in. And since its location deep in the inner ear makes it completely invisible, no one else need know you’re wearing it either.

The deep canal placement gives you several other advantages, too. Answering the phone poses no problem – as does wearing over the- ear headphones and most types of ear piece. Encased in soft biocompatible foam, the unit is completely splash-proof.

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The Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid

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