Made For iPhone and Made For Android Hearing Aids, GN Resound LinxHearing Aids, Made For iPhone? Made For Android!

The smart hearing aid technology found in its ReSound family of smart hearing aids is now available on the Android platform, this is great news for hard of hearing users of Android powered mobile phones. They will now have access to the same features that iPhone users have with their LiNX and Enzo hearing aids.  The functionality will be available via the ReSound Smart app. The app is now compatible with the popular Samsung Galaxy S5, but ReSound reports that its smart hearing aids will expand to include other Android devices later this year.

First For Made For iPhone Hearing Devices

The company says that the new Android-ready hearing aid capability allows users to tailor their hearing experiences to match their personal preferences and needs. ReSound’s is well known for introducing the first smart hearing aids that were compatible with Apple’s iOS line of devices (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®). This year the company’s activities at the 2015 CES conference included preview demonstrations of the ReSound Smart app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as its compatibility with Apple’s iOS-enabled devices.

ReSound Smart App On Google Play

The ReSound Smart app is available for download on Google Play. The functionality is similar to what is available on the iPhone. It is designed to allow users to set preferred volume levels, adjust treble and bass settings, and geo-tag frequently visited places so that a user's hearing aids automatically adjust to specific preferred acoustics in different listening environments. Some of its other features listed by the company include:

The ‘Find My Hearing Aids’ function to pinpoint hearing aids if misplaced

Check hearing aid battery levels Sync hearing aids with other ReSound devices (such as the ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer)

We were so pleased to introduce ReSound’s smart hearing aid technology to the Apple community earlier this year,” said and now, with an entirely new set of Android users having access to the same discreet and customized hearing experience, we’re making great headway toward our commitment to enhance accessibility for people with hearing loss. Compatibility with Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 will mean that our groundbreaking hearing aid technology can now be utilized by even more of the millions of people seeking new and betters solutions to address their hearing loss.” Kim Herman, president of ReSound US