Consultant Approved Hearing Aid Centre

Honoured To Be One Of Only Four in Ireland

Why Consultant Approved?

Despite breakthrough developments in hearing instrument technology, some users still report dissatisfaction with their hearing aids. Studies have shown that this dissatisfaction may be due to the way the hearing instrument has been fitted and the after care support provided. This issue highlights the fact that the hearing aid is only a part of your journey to better hearing. The ability of your hearing healthcare professional and the standards and protocol they follow are the key to releasing the full potential of the hearing instrument. Consultant Approved Sites are committed to following the very highest standards of audiological and customer care as specified by an independent advisory panel.With a Consultant Approved Site you can rest assured you are working with a professional who is committed to providing the very highest standards of audiological and customer care.

Committed To The Best Level Of Care

At Audi-Lab we understand that hearing aids are only part of your journey to better hearing. Your ongoing journey will involve regular hearing tests, hearing aid fine tuning, after care and rehabilitation support too. Our understanding of this process continuously evolves as more information constantly becomes available. We are committed to providing the best level of care every step of the way to our Patients. This has always been important to us and we are proud of the recognition of this fact by the Consultant Approved Hearing Centre accreditation.

Committed To Best Practice

The accreditation requires us to undergo a variety of ongoing audits on customer service and hearing healthcare, which are set by an independent advisory board made up of experts in audiology and customer care. Continuing accreditation commits us to provide all our patients:

  • Full assessment which includes an understanding of your lifestyle needs and your motivation, allowing us to let you know how things could change in the future
  • Screen for issues related to your general health that may impact on your hearing solution
  • Thorough hearing assessment including speech testing with the latest equipment
  • Full range of rehabilitation, fitting, verification and counselling to ensure the very best outcome
  • On-going care and support


Committed to you

So when you choose us for your hearing care you can rest assured you have found a partner to help you on your journey to better hearing. 

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