Which magazine published an article “Where's the best place to buy a hearing aid?” and published the following information:

As an independent hearing aid provider we were delighted that Which magazine’s survey found that “independent providers outperformed the national chains, In Fact they scored 5 stars across the board on products, price, staff, service and support”.

The article posed the question “Does it matter where I buy my hearing aid from?” and stated that “It’s crucial to choose a trusted retailer to ensure you increase your chances of getting the best hearing aid for you. The difference between a good and a bad hearing aid is not usually the aid itself, since most hearing aids are made by a handful of manufacturers. It's more to do with the professional fit and service given by the provider.  It can take time to fit and adjust a hearing aid correctly so that it's working to maximise your hearing. Without a patient and attentive fitting service, you could get frustrated and give up on your aid, consigning it to the back of a drawer forever”. 

The article suggested that you “think carefully about where you buy your hearing aids from as it's not just a one-off transaction - regular aftercare and check-ups means that the relationship can go on for years”.
Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/reviews/hearing-aid-providers/article/best-hearing-aid-providers/best-hearing-aid-providers-overview - Which?