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Hearing Conservation is Far Better Than Treatment, Hearing Is Precious, Protect Yours

Hearing Protection

Hearing conservation is far better than treatment, we take hearing conservation very seriously and promote best practice hearing conservation protocols. At the moment it is not possible to repair the damage done to hearing by noise exposure. Don't suffer something that you can avoid

Noise Protection Services

We are happy to advise on all area’s of hearing conservation, including:

  • Risk Assessment.
  • Audiograms (pre-employment screening and annual screening).
  • Choosing suitable hearing protection.
  • Testing that the attenuation stated on the HPD’s, is the protection that the individual is actually receiving.
  • Educating the end user on the importance of wearing their HPD’S correctly and to value their hearing.

Why Choose Custom Earmoulds?

Custom ear moulds are superior to foam or generic shaped earpieces because they are created from an identical copy or impression of the users ear and ear canal so a perfect fit is guaranteed. Ear moulds are the preferred choice of those who use in-ear products for prolonged periods of time, like news broadcasters or musicians. Custom moulded ear-inserts or ear moulds are used in a variety of applications including news broadcasters, security communication, sports, motorcyclists, shooting, professional musicians, Mp3 players, Noise protection. We are able to produce ear-inserts for almost any application.

Noise Plugs

Custom fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. Prolonged noise from loud machinery and tools on the job can damage your hearing - even short bursts of sound over 90 decibels can have an impact. We offer several custom hearing protection options for those who are exposed to high-noise environments. Five different acoustic filters are available, offering a range from low to very high attenuation with only the harmful level filtered out while ambient noise and speech level remain clearly audible

The Sportsmaster, Shooter's Hearing Protection

Customised Electronics Hearing Protection - "The ultimate hearing protector"

Research shows that 47-70% of all shooters have some hearing loss. In fact shooting has been described as the one sport that contributes the most risk for permanent sensori-neural hearing loss.

What are the advantages of the Sportsmaster?

  • It gives you the competitive edge by amplifying quiet sounds such as traps realeasing, birds flushing or range commands
  • It is comfortable because it is custom-fit to your ear
  • receiver is designed to reduce wind noise and provide a clear signal
  • Silicone mould moves with ear canal for additional protection
  • Separate volume control permits shooter to adjust sound to individual needs
  • It is compact, light-weight and easy to use.

Most important of all, it protects your hearing by reducing the risk of permanent damage

Here's what our customers are saying about the Sportsmaster

I can hear the traps release when I shoot the sporting clays." "I love the product
The sound of gunfire is reduced while important environmental sounds are enhanced. I love 'em
As a coach, I need to hear people speaking near the firing lines. The sportsmaster has made my job a lot easier
The thing I like is the comfort of the product
When I bring my gun into firing position, my ear protection does not get in the way.

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