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A Hearing Aid Is Only As Good As It's Programming

Even the most modern hearing technology available from the best manufacturers is only as good as the information programmed on it. That key concept and the understanding that to really succeed with amplification a Patient needs proper rehabilitation is what drives us. That is why we invested heavily in the most modern hearing aid programming and fine tuning available for our Practice.   

The Most Modern Fine Tuning Equipment

We ensured that we purchased the most modern hearing aid programming and fine tuning available for our Practice in order that we could deliver the best available hearing aids in the manner in which the should be delivered. Our equipment allows us to consistently verify the hearing aid fitting in real time, making adjustments that matter and deliver real efficacy. We constantly ran up against the problem where changes were made in the office but just were not quite right for the situations in real life.

We would regularly hear, "yes, its good now in the office, but its out in the real world that matters.". We knew our Patients were right, so we did something about it

The Future Of Hearing Aid Fine Tuning

Our hearing aid fitting and fine tuning suite is like no other, it allows us to verify the hearing aids in real time ensuring that they are delivering what you need when you need it. Our interactive surround sound virtual reality system allows us to put you in those real world situations where you are having problems in order that we can test the efficacy of the hearing aids.

Real World Interactive Experiences 

Most of your problems with hearing are probably in those complex real world day to day sound situations such as in a restaurant or a cafe. Our virtual reality sound system allows us to put you in the situations that you have difficulty in, without leaving the comfort of our Practice. We can verify and change the programming to get the best fit for you so you can leave the Practice confident in the changes that have been made. We will put you in those situations and using the free style speech mapping system we will show you exactly what is happening and the changes that we are making. We will then test and verify those changes to your satisfaction before you leave the Practice.

Real Ear Measurements

We always undertake state-of-the-art real ear measurement to verify every device we fit. To add to the accuracy of the threshold testing, we carefully measure the frequency shaping of the device while it is situated in the ear. This fine-tuning of the device is a critical step in delivering all the benefits you get from sharp hearing. With Real Ear Measurements, the individual shape and size of your ear canal affecting the sound are taken into account.

Visual Speech Mapping

Our Aurical Free Style Visual Speech Mapping allows us and you to see exactly what the hearing aids are doing with speech in every situation so we can change and define the signal to better serve you better. This ensures that the hearing aids are delivering to you your customised needs.

Fine Tuning In Interactive Real World Situations, Delivering The Best Results So You Can Simply Hear Better

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