OtoscanĀ® - 3D Ear Scanning Solution


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OtoscanĀ® - 3D Ear Scanning Solution

We now use the new 3D ear scanner from Natus to take digital scans of our customers ears. It means that a simple and quick scan forms a perfect 3D image of your ear canal. No more need for impressions, no more need for waiting for material to set. It also offers us a far deeper impression of your ear canal than would be safe with traditional impression techniques.

We then use the 3D scan that is created to order custom hearing aids, custom tips or noise protection that fits perfectly every time. Your scan is kept on file and can be re-used at any time for several years.

Investment in the Otoscan is another part of our strategy to provide the most technologically advanced equipment and the highest level of hearing care available in Dublin.


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